Tax and accounting

Tax and accounting

Ongoing Accounting Review Accounting and Tax Outsourcing Services

The brief descriptions of these services are:

  • Development of Accounting Policies,
  • Review of existing accounting system (including cost accounting), identification and disclosure of weaknesses, development and presentation of suggestions and action plan to eliminate these weaknesses,
  • Making suggestions on accounting procedures, development of accounting manual and advice on implementation of the manual,
  • Review of existing budgeting system, development of suggestions and action plan on improvement of budgeting system,
  • Providing of trainings on IFRS, ASRA (Accounting Standards of the Republic of Armenia) and other accounting related regulative legal acts.

The brief descriptions of the services are as follows:

  • Set up/improvement of an accounting system, including:
  1. Development of Accounting Policies in line with ASRAs and IFRS (upon necessity),
  2. Development of the working chart of accounts,
  3. Development of internal accounting documentation forms and manual.
  • Accounting recovery services for previous periods (upon necessity)
  • Implementation of day-to-day accounting of the Client,
  • Preparation and submission of statutory reports and calculations (including: tax, financial, statistic and other mandatory reports and calculations).
Accounting Advisory Services in line with IFRS Tax and Accounting Advisory Services
  • Development of Accounting Policies in line with IFRS;
  • Assistance of Client passing the IFRS audits;
  • Providing advisory services on application of IFRSs;
  • Preparation of financial statements under IFRSs.

  • Time-to-time basis advisory services in relation to Accounting Standards, Chart of Accounts, forms of financial statements and other normative legal acts regulating the sphere of accounting;
  • Time-to-time basis advisory services in relation to the accounting for income and expenses of the organization for taxation purposes;
  • Providing other accounting and tax advisory services on a time-to-time basis.
Financial and Tax accounting trainings Other Accounting services (reforms)
  • Implementation of financial and tax accounting training sessions for tax inspectors of the Large Taxpayers Inspectorate of the State Tax Service of RA;
  • Organising and implementation of trainings in regard of Armenian legislation regulating Accounting, as well as trainings on tax legislation and related issues;
  • Providing the services (assistance) to the Government of the Republic of Armenia to establish of an adequate legal and institutional framework for adoption of the accrual basis International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) in the Republic of Armenia.


The above described services/procedures allow the clients’ managements to obtain accurate information on the company’s assets, liabilities, equity status and changes, results of activities (profit and loss), tax liabilities, as well as reliably estimate the company’s financial and economic indicators.

Availability of such information allows the clients of our company to enhance the company’s manageability, to optimise income and expenses and maximise profitability. Moreover, as accounting data are used for tax calculations, the availability of effective accounting system significantly diminishes the possibility of errors and misstatements in tax calculations.